2013 FHA-VA Conforming Jumbo Loan Limits Riverside County, CA

The 2013 FHA, VA, and conventional conforming and jumbo loan limits in Riverside County remain unchanged from the previous year.

12/9/2013 Breaking News Update ==> Riverside County 2014 FHA loan limit has been reduced!

Few people realize it’s possible to qualify for conventional financing with as little as 3% to 5%  down payment, have no monthly paid PMI, and have a much lower payment than FHA financing provides.

The 2013 loan limits remaining stable is helpful to our local housing industry.  If, or when, the lending loan limits are reduced, it will have a significant impact on qualifying for a home purchase or refinance loan…….especially in the higher priced homes.

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Riverside County 2013 Conforming Loan Limit for FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo Financing

Riverside Co. FHA Loan Limit:                          $500,000 Riverside_County

Riverside Co.VA Loan Limit:                              $417,000*

Riverside Co. USDA Loan Limit:                        no limit

Riverside Co. Conventional Loan Limit             $417,000

Riverside Co. Jumbo Loan Limit                         Over $417,000

* To find out how the VA allows a veteran to borrower over the limit, click & read How To Borrower More the 2013 VA Loan Limit

If You are Planning to Purchase a Home in Riverside County

If you are preparing to qualify and begin your home search, you owe it to yourself to compare every possible loan program before making a decision.

I often have people who are pre-qualified or pre-approved from some other lender call to ask a question they feel their lender doesn’t know the answer to and we end up finding a better program or a better way to structure their down payment or mortgage insurance.

If you have a question about financing a home you would like answered, feel free to email or call (951) 215-6119.

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