2015 Riverside County Conforming & Jumbo Loan Limits

The 2015 conforming and jumbo loan limits in Riverside County, California (includes San Bernardino/Inland Empire) for Conventional (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), FHA, USDA, and VA financing remain stable with little to no changes from the previous year.

Loan Limits updated for 2018 view here

If you need to finance a home purchase or refinance a loan that will exceed the Riverside County 2015 loan limits but don’t want a true Jumbo portfolio loan, there are options you may not be aware of.  Contact me here or call direct (951) 215-6119.

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2015 Riverside County FHA Loan Limit

1 Unit: $355,350
2 Unit: $454,900
3 Unit: $549,850
4 Unit: $683,350

HUD sets the county loan limits for FHA financing and can be verified here.

2015 Riverside County Conventional Loan Limit 

1 Unit: $417,000
2 Unit: $533,850
3 Unit: $645,300
4 Unit: $801,950

Conventional financing refers to loans secured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Conventional loan limts are set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and can be found here.

2015 Riverside County VA Loan Limit

1-4 Unit: $417,000**

** The VA will guarantee loan amounts above $417,000 (up to $1.5 million) for applicants in a high cost county and enough entitlement.  Borrowing over $417 will just require a small down payment.  Contact me for more details.

2015 Riverside County USDA Loan Limit

1-4 Unit: $417,000

USDA technically doesn’t have a county loan limit and will insure loan amounts over $417,000 if borrower’s DTI ratio meet guidelines and the home being purchased is reasonable and/or customary for the area.

2015 Riverside County Jumbo Loan Limit

1-4 Unit: up to $2,500,000

A jumbo loan is any loan amount that exceeds the maximum conforming loan limit……often times referred to as a non-conforming, jumbo, private, or portfolio loan.

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