Approved HARP 2 Refinance Lender in California

With President Obama’s recent changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) t0 help more people refinance into a lower interest rate, it’s unfortunate many mortgage lenders/brokers in California choose NOT to offer the new HARP refinance DU Refi Plus or the Relief Refinance-Open Access loan program.

Approved HARP 2 Mortgage Lender & Broker in California

I’m happy to announce Mountain West Financial, Inc. is an approved HARP 2 lender/broker in California, committed to helping people who’ve not been able to refinance into a lower interest rate loan because they lost much of their home equity or are upside down/underwater on their mortgage.  MWF NMLS ID#164497.

Being both an approved HARP direct lender and a HARP 2 mortgage broker, MWF has the flexibility to offer both the DU Refi Plus refinance as well as the Relief Refinance – Open Access loan program to homeowners across all of California who’s mortgage may be severely upside down or underwater and meet the HARP eligibility guidelines.

Many Lenders Don’t Offer HARP Refinance Loans  Fannie Mae Refi Plus Certificate

I have been receiving calls from people all over California who say they spoke to their current servicer / mortgage bank and were told they don’t qualify, even though they seem to meet all the eligibility requirements.  Why would that be?

Well, there could be many reasons.  What is the incentive for your your current lender to voluntarily help you lower your interest rate on an underwater mortgage?

Get a HARP 2 Refinance Rate Quote

If your current lender is earning 5.5% to 6.5% on you now, how will they make more money from you by refinancing you into a rate between 3.5% to 4.5%?

The ‘too big to fail’ retail banks already secretly accepted billions and/or trillions of dollars under the table from the Federal Reserve at 0% interest to pad their bottom line.  I don’t think the government is going to give your big bank more money as an incentive to help you refinance using the new HARP 2 program.

What Are Your HARP 2 Refinance Loan Options?

Working for an approved HARP 2 mortgage lender who is both a direct lender and California mortgage broker gives you more options and greater flexibility than any one mortgage bank can offer you.  Why?  Because most direct lender banks just flat out deny you if you don’t fit inside their perfect little box or can’t meet their additional qualifying guidelines that go above and beyond the core basic qualifying criteria (called overlays).

We often have the lowest HARP 2 interest rates around.

An approved HARP lender who is a direct lender AND a licensed California HARP mortgage broker can find a ‘niche’ wholesale lender with fewer overlays or find better rates and broker your loan to them if needed.  This increases your odds of approval and enables me to make sure we find you a lender and loan that offers you the lowest rate and fee loan possible.

get a HARP 2 refinance rate quote

Call an approved HARP 2 mortgage lender/broker to discuss qualifying and find out how much you can reduce your interest rate and payment call (951) 215-6119.

* Making Home Affordable (MHA) is a trademark of the US Dept. of the Treasury.  Use of MHA or HARP name does not imply a specific endorsement by the U.S. Treasury and we are not the U.S. Government.

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