CA First Time Homebuyer Education Certificate and Course

First Time Home Buyer Education Class InformationWelcome to HomeBuyer University, an online resource where homebuyers can find, register, and attend an online or in-person certified first time homebuyer or homeownership education course, tutorial, or seminar.

We believe homebuyer education counseling is the foundation to responsible and sustainable homeownership.    

The more education you have, the more likely you will experience a successful real estate transaction when working with our experienced team of professionals.

Topics covered in homebuyer and homeownership education courses:

  • Steps to successful homeownership
  • How to recognixe predatory lending
  • Your credit and why it’s important
  • How to choose the best loan
  • What hapens at closing
  • How to think like a lender
  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Protecting your home investment
  • Steps to take if not able to make your mortgage payment

Not all Loan or Assistance Programs Accept the Same Homebuyer Education Certificate

The last thing you want to do is invest your time and pay money for a homebuyer education class and find out that specific class doesn’t satisfy the requirement for the loan or down payment assistance program you are applying for!

You need to know which homebuyer assistance or loan program is most beneficial to you and which one you qualify for BEFORE you resister, pay for, and complete the homebuyer course!!

Confused about which homebuyer education source you should or need to take?  Not sure you know which loan or assistance program is best for you or which one you are eligible or qualify for?   Contact me here and I’ll do my best to help and answer your questions.

Below are several different online homebuyer education providers and classes designed to educate and help you become more informed and prepared for homeownership.

MGIC Homebuyer Education Class

MGIC’s course is an excellent FREE homebuyer education course and will actually issue you a first time homebuyer certificate upon completion.  I recommend this even if you aren’t required to complete a homebyer education course.
Education Provider: –> Register Here
Fees: Free (but may not satisfy FTHB education requirement for many home loan or assistance programs)
Special Code Needed: use my email address as the special code –> to receive your FTHB certificate upon completion.

Genworth Homebuyer Education Class

FREE online homebuyer education course that is very helpful to better understanding the home buying process and homeownership.  Certificate will be emailed to you upon completion.
Education Provider: –> Register Here
Fees: Free

Credit Smart® Homebuyer Education

The CreditSmart® Steps to Homeownership course satisfies the Freddie Mac HomePossible Advantage first time homebuyer education requirement.
Education Provider: –> Register Here
Fees: None (Free)

Framework – Preparing for Homeownership

The Framework homebuyer certificate satisfies the first time homebuyer education course required for the Fannie Mae HomeReady® Mortgage program andthe HomePath Ready Buyer Program. HomeReady education course FAQ’s.
Education Provider: –> Register Here
Fees: $75

CalHFA Homebuyer Education Course

The California Housing Finance Agency requires all borrowers complete a homebuyer education counseling course to satisfy eligibility requirements.  Only one occupying borrower on each loan transaction is required to to complete a course.
Education Provider:

Riverside EDA Homebuyer Workshop

Free workshops for hombuyers interested in buying a home in Riverside County
Information: –> Here

HUD Homebuyer Education Service Providers

HUD approved non-profit housing counselors can provide first time homebuyer education resources.
EducationProvider: –> Info Here

Non-profit homeownership counseling both on line and in-person workshop classes.
EducationProvider: –> Register Here

Operation Hope

Financial and credit literacy classes and pre-purchase counseling.
Information: –> Here

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County

Provide resources and classes for homebuyer and homeownership education.
Information: –> Here

NeighborWorks of Orange County

A non-profit homeownership center that builds community through homebuyer workshops.
Information: –> Here

HomeStrong USA

HUD approved counseling agency to guide you through the homebuying process.  Provide online classes as well as in-person homebuyer education classes.
Information: –> Here

Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS)

Individual homeownership counseling and homebuyer education workshops, also offering online buyer education.
Information: –> Here

Housing Education

Provide personal HomeownerTrack education for the road to homeownership.
Information: –> Here


****** IMPORTANT ******

* Completion of a homebuyer or homeownership education course does not, by itself, qualify you for mortgage.  Additional eligibility terms and conditions apply.

** Before paying for and completing an online course, always check with your mortgage lender (call me) to confirm if the lender, city, county, state or administrator will accept the online certification you think you need to take or doesn’t require an in person consultation.