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HomeStyle Energy Mortgage Program

HomeStyle Energy Mortgage Program

The Fannie Mae Homestyle® Energy Mortgage is a new energy improvement mortgage program designed to help borrowers pay off existing high rate energy improvement loan debt (like HERO, Ygrene, CaliforniaFIRST PACE loans) and make new energy improvements more affordable and easier to finance. HomeStyle Energy loan (or PACE Buster loan) can also be used when buying or […]

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California HERO Mortgage Program

CalHERO Home Loan

The CalHERO™ Mortgage is a California real estate reward savings program for Police, Firefighters, Veterans, Nurses, and Teachers when they buy, sell, or refinance a home.  CalHERO is often referred to as a mortgage program for heroes, community hero home loan, or a first responder home loan. The goal of a CalHERO Home Loan is […]

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Home Ready Mortgage

HomeReady Mortgage Program

What is the HomeReady™ Mortgage? HomeReady™ is Fannie Mae’s new affordable financing mortgage program designed to help today’s credit worthy borrowers with low to moderate incomes to purchase a home. Fannie Mae’s goal with HomeReady is to expand access to credit while supporting responsible and sustainable homeownership.  Sustainable ownership is achieved through a comprehensive homeownership […]

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Fannie Mae Conventional 97% LTV Mortgage

Fannie Mae has expanded the maximum loan-to-value up to 97% LTV for their Conventional 97 mortgage program.  This means home buyers will only need a 3% down payment to benefit from Conventional financing. The standard Conventinal 97 program is perfect for first time homebuyers in California who have decent credit and simply want an affordable […]

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HomePossible Advantage Mortgage Program

What is the HomePossible Advantage Mortgage Program? The HomePossible Advantage Mortgage Program (HPA) is a new 3% down payment (97% LTV) Freddie Mac Conventional mortgage program designed to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for credit worthy borrowers throughout California who have a limited down payment savings and moderate incomes. The Home Possible Advantage home loan is an […]

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HUD 184 home loan california

HUD Section 184 Native American Indian Home Loan

The HUD Section 184 Native American Indian Home Loan Guarantee program is an exclusive low down payment no  mortgage insurance mortgage program for California Native American Indian Entities, Families, Native Alaskans, Native Hawaiians, and Federally Recognized enrolled Tribal Members. Congress established the HUD Section 184 Native American Home Loan program in 1992 to faciliate home […]

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California Teacher Home Loan & Assistance Programs

California’s School Teachers, Educators, Administrators, and School District Employees have several mortgage and home buyer assistance program options besides the suspended CalSTRS Teacher home loan. Below is a brief summary and complete list of Teacher home loan and home buyer down payment assistance programs in California.   CalHFA School Teacher and Employee Assistance Program The […]

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